Annual Ski Trip

Posted: 18th April 2018

Marchmont Surveyors recently celebrated another successful year with a ski trip to Italy!

Whilst the team missed out on seeing the poise and skiing prowess of our director Ashley Miller (so he tells us!) due to a small tumble on an earlier ski adventure, he was certainly there in spirit throughout.

It wouldn’t be Marchmont without a bit of après-ski, so the team relaxed in some excellent bars and eateries when they could. One slight concern was when the team seemingly took a wrong turn in the Alps and crossed into France, but thank goodness they had their passports with them!

The trip was symptomatic of how Marchmont operate as a company; hardworking and committed on the slopes, relaxed and easy-going off it. No matter how busy the working day can get, it is essential to make time for some fresh air and time to reflect. Like our Clients, a work-life balance is difficult to manage, but we try and achieve it, over here at Marchmont.
Kevin Davies, Director at Marchmont Surveyors comments;

“The annual ski trip is always a greatly anticipated getaway for the whole team, regardless of everyone’s skiing abilities. Indeed, watching everyone plan the day and assist their colleagues on the slopes is really gratifying to watch and we appreciate everybody within our team no matter how long they have been with us and this trip is always a great way for us all to get together outside of the working environment.”